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Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation—Budget and Time Limits Be Darned

It’s become clear to you as you crunch through life in your office space, day in day, month after month, that a vacation is in order. You dream of decompressing and melting all your layers of stress away unto the sun-soaked sand of the beach in St. Augustine, the mossy foliage of a quiet forest trail in Ireland, or the crisp clear mountain air on the ultimate hike in Nepal. The one small thing holding you back? The big bucks of a fat wallet you just don’t have.

So how do you pull off a restorative vacation without straining your wallet? Luckily, it’s perfectly possible to land and organize a restorative vacation without breaking your bank account. The keys are having helpful apps and a mindset on extensive planning. Today, Shertina’s Travel LLC shares some tips to guide you on getting your vacation right.

Saver Apps

A variety of budget and time-saving apps exist on the market to help you maximize your time and dollars at your nature destination, or wherever else you plan on R&R’ing. You can compare and reserve affordable lodgings, sync your vacation with friends and family, keep tabs on public transportation schedules, and cut valuable corners by keeping track of all your expenses during the trip with an app designed for the purpose. Check travel publications for their recommendations or study traveler community reviews on which apps would best suit your interests.

Luckily for you, there are also apps that tie into home security gadgets that allow you to monitor your home while you are away. You might have double-locked all the main doors of your apartment, left the radio on to ward off potential thieves, and asked a friend to pick up your mail, but your mind will be best put to ease with the occasional quick app-enabled check that everything is safe back home. 

Skip the Kitsch

Are you the type to fall for kitschy tourist memorabilia when on vacation? T-shirts, shot glasses and license plates emblazoned with your mother-in-law’s name may strike you as a cool purchase at the time, but who keeps them in the long run? Usually priced high, these items end up as house clutter that is eventually tucked away in a box and eventually thrown away.

So avoid wasting money on these often pricey, useless objects, and exercise your sense of the sentimental, unique, and original when hunting for gifts during your travels. Elevating your taste for quality while striking the right price is a vital instinct to hone for your budget and financial peace of mind. Focus on being disciplined so you can save your dollars for the very best of vacation buys and experiences.    

Hunt for a Galore of Discounts, Comps

Some prepaid vacations, including resort and cruise getaways, throw in free meals, drinks and entry to shows or exclusive places that take place on certain days at certain times. One of the best ways to milk a splendid vacation from a set budget and time period is to take advantage of package deals. Such providers offer deep discounts and comps – you just have to do the hard work of finding these and asking for them. The bonus? Organized activities are offered every day so that you don’t have to go through the pain of researching what you want to be doing each day. Or worse, worry about sticking to your budget.

Make Your Getaway

If you own your own business, finding the time to take a vacation can be difficult. Just as difficult is making sure your business doesn’t go sideways in your absence. There are some guidelines that can help you, however. Be sure to communicate with your clients that you’ll be away, hire a temporary assistant to handle essential functions while you’re out, and allow yourself some time to reacclimate to home on the back end of your vacation before returning to the office. Then you can take some much-needed rest. You’ve earned it!

Buy a Vacation Home

No, this isn’t a budget option, but if you have a destination that you visit often and love, buying a vacation home there may not be a bad idea. Then you’ll always have a place to stay with everything you need, and you can even generate some income by renting it out when you aren’t using it. Be sure to research the area market; you want to ensure that you aren’t overpaying.

Make an Emergency Plan

When you’re on a tight budget, nothing ruins a vacation faster than a lost cell phone, passport or stolen wallet. It’s a devastating feeling. To ensure you’re covered in the event that either happens, it’s crucial to take precautions prior to your trip. Make multiple copies of your passport, and have a friend or family member hold on to a copy, while you keep an extra hidden in your suitcase. Pair that copy with some extra cash and an international phone card.

Also, know how to get fast cash, particularly if you’re overseas. For example, if you’re visiting overseas and your wallet is lost, you need to quickly access funds. Friends and family can easily send money through a remittance service, and won’t have to deal with large fees. Plus, you can get your cash almost immediately.

There are many ways you can avoid budget and time stress as you vacation. By following our tips above, you can live the beautiful exile of a vacation you always dreamed of without pinching too many cents or eyeing the clock like a hawk. And if you’re looking for an idyllic getaway, just reach out to Shertina’s Travel LLC today!

Authored by Daniel Sherwin

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